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Kal is passionate about equipping parents, leaders and volunteers with practical tools to help them discover their potential and purpose. Through her experiences, expertise in brain development and love for scriptures she brings a unique perceptive on how to break down theories and make them practical, everyday skills. She believes that all of us can learn how to love who we are and what we do, when we discover, embrace and lean into our unique God given gifts, talents, intelligences and capacities.  She offers a list of workshops on topics related to leadership, volunteering, parenting, learning styles and human development. Speaking topics for 2018-19 are listed below.  If you're interested in learning more about this, fill out the form below and we'll connect with you with more information. Kal tailors her workshops to your team/group's needs and experience level.

Workshop # 1: Understanding Children Through Different Ages and Stages. (Offered as a parenting or volunteer training class)
Child development impacts emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual development. During childhood years, each developmental stage brings profound changes that impacts the way children learn and grow. Discover the need for appropriate environments and stimuli at each stage to raise physically, emotionally and intellectually healthy kids, as well as how to impress Biblical Truths for lasting, eternal impact. You will also learn what to do to take advantage of unique opportunities presented at every age and stage of development . Content includes brain development, the role people and environments play in a child's self-awareness, adjustment, human development, and identity.
Select workshops for one or multiple age groups: Nursery, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Elementary-age kids, Middle Schooler or High schoolers.  

Workshop # 2: Making the Most of Learning Styles. Each learning style has a unique way to take in, process, understand and remember information. This impacts how we learn, teach, parent and lead. Learning style differences can create confusion, frustration and obstacles in relationships as well as learning. This workshop will help you understand how each style receives information and uses it.  Attendees will take a simple inventory assessment to discover their own learning style as well as learn how to efficiently learn, work, parent and save time. Learning style workshops are offered based on target audience. Options include: Couples, parents, leaders, school teachers, Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, staff and volunteer teams. 

Workshop # 3: Keeping Team Spirit Alive!  The spirit of a team is what infuses life and innovation into your church or organization. This workshop is designed to help create staff and volunteer teamwork awareness. We want to go beyond a classroom experience hence we offer this as an interactive workshop that puts your members into a team building experience. We train your team in the principles of teamwork where members get to know each other in new ways. You will gain insights through fun activities, team interaction and role-play about how to make your team a “community" with a strong vision and purpose, how to capitalize on individual strengths as well as avoid team stagnation. 

Workshop # 4: Developing and Improving Talents. 
You want to develop your talent? You want to get better at what you do? It's about understanding how the brain works and how to build a better brain through intensive practice and motivation. You can develop your talents to their full potential by aligning them to the brain's natural mechanisms for acquiring skill. By improving existing talent and developing new talents, you can totally change how you do ministry. Once you grasp this concept and experience growth, it’ll revolutionize how you grow yourself as a leader as well as develop those around you. (And how you counsel others and raise your own kids!)  

Workshop 5: Faith Growth Begins in the Nursery. Most times, ministry to this age group is marginalized. But nursery staff are valued construction workers who lay a solid spiritual foundation. Nursery ministry is more than rocking, changing and feeding, it’s about laying a strong foundation of love and faith so parents and the church can build on it for future spiritual success. In this session, you’ll gain insights about what naturally happens in a child’s first two years to craft a ministry that’s more relevant. What we do as well as what we don’t do with babies impacts future spiritual development.  You will receive practical tools to deal with separation anxiety, how to partner and support parents as well as insight about six things babies need based on brain development. Workshop can be tailored for parents, nursery volunteers, childcare workers and MOPS.

Other workshop titles for VOLUNTEERS and LEADERS include:

  • Spiritual Development Through Preschool Years.

  • Spiritual Development Through Elementary Years.

  • Spiritual Development Through Middle and High School Years.

  • Helping Parents Become Spiritual Leaders.

  • A Team That Plays Together Stays Together.

  • The Art of Recruiting and Maintaining Volunteers.

Other workshop titles for PARENTS include:

  • Parenting Through Preschool Years.

  • Parenting Your Elementary Age Child.

  • Parenting Your High Schooler.

  • The Art of Thriving Through Middle School Parenting.

  • Understanding Your Family's Learning Styles to Help Your Everyone Thrive.

  • Parenting to Identify and Develop your Child's Natural Talent At A Young Age.

  • Motivating and Disciplining Children Through Different Ages and Stages. (Preschool track, Early Elementary Track, Middle & High School Track).

  • How to Successfully Set Spiritual Goals For Your Family.

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